Phone Number Details with Name and Address in Pakistan

Finding owner details of cell phone numbers is the most useful feature in your life because it helps you to locate your lost/stolen cell phone. Therefore, we developed a free Phone number details with a name and address finder tool that quickly teaches you near your device.

With our tool, you can search any phone number from Pakistan and get the owner’s name and address information in a few seconds. This only tool will provide you with all the information about cell phone numbers including the name, and full address and you can also check whether the status of the phone is active or inactive.

Check Phone Number Details with Name and Address Online

It is important to members that, it is against privacy of getting other person’s information due to law. According to PTA, it does not encourage anybody to know someone person contact information. Only the law enforcement agency is allowed to use such information to find someone’s location or address.

Although, If someone calls you from an unknown number and you are tied with him then you can use a mobile tracking tool to find his only basic personal information so that you can get in touch and ask them not to call him or resolve your matter.

Phone Number Detail with Name

Number Details Online Check Pakistan

Due to privacy reasons, most of the data finding apps and websites are only restricted to showing you only basic information about the phone caller and you can’t find the complete details of the owner. But don’t worry this information is quite enough for you to get in touch with the person who called you from unknown numbers.

We have a huge database of phone numbers in Pakistan. Our Phone number database is constantly updated and contains all the details of phone numbers in Pakistan. So, you can use our free tool to find any phone number in Pakistan. So make sure to use someone’s information for personal use only.

Check Phone Number Owner Name

We have developed this app for people who want to check the phone number owner or name of their lost/stolen cell phone. You don’t need to be a technical person or computer expert to use our application. Just install our application on your mobile phone, then enter the number of your cell phone, and you will receive the owner’s name in a few seconds.

Phone Number Details with Name and CNIC

The tracking system is designed to find the details against an ID card but they only share basic information. You can get the phone number details with your name and CNIC but it will not show you the complete CNIC number because it’s confidential. 

In case you need the CNIC number of a person you should get in touch with cellular companies such as Zong, Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone. All those companies keep the record of each individual phone user. This record is taken when someone buys a new SIM card and processes himself from the bio-matric system. The companies have the caller’s name, location, street name, ID card number, and address.

Find SIM Owner Information By Sending SMS

The PTA allows you to check your or someone’s SIM information through their web portal. You simply need to send an SMS to the 667 code and know the details about your total SIM on your name. All the networks use the same code to check SIM information

Jazz: Send blank SMS to 667
Warid: Send blank SMS to 667
Ufone: Send blank SMS to 667
Zong: Send blank SMS to 667
Telenor: Send blank SMS to 667

Online Mobile Number Details

When it comes to online mobile number details then you can find the person’s name, part of the address, network name, and cell number with the help of a live tracker. The tracker is easy to use and when you enter someone’s phone number it will get you the complete details.

Nowadays, people use the internet for many things. They use it to get information, look up businesses, buy and sell products, and more. People can use the internet to find phone numbers. This is a great way to find out a lot of information about a person.

Unknown Number Tracker

Unknown Number Tracker

One of the biggest issue a caller’s face is an Unknown number of calls from unknown people. In our busy lives, we can’t afford it and we want to block them out of our life.

If this is the case with you then you sure use the Unknow number tracker tool that helps you find phone number details.

These calls are usually annoying and they cause a lot of trouble for you. So, by using such details you can block him from your phone or you can file a complaint against him. This tool will allow you to track numbers that call you from unknown numbers.

How to Find Mobile Phone Owner Name for Freee?

A lot of site users looking for personal contact info for individual mobile numbers and we reject such requests because it’s against privacy. We recommend you to use the live tracker tool that we developed on our home page.

We only share the basic personal information that we store in our database and it is only available when you enter someone’s CNIC number or phone number. We do not store any number that you are searching on the site.

How to Get Phone Owner Name with Address?

The complete information about any network user isn’t available publicly and the network operator can disclose full information to the caller only based on urgency. This is the legal process and you need to approach the police station and file a complaint when you need such information. 

The police department can further help you to contact operators and find the caller’s details if it is necessary. Other than that, you can’t find someone’s mobile number details without any strong reason.


In the end, we explain the whole process of getting the phone number details with name and address and also help you with how you can use our web-based tool to find the caller’s information. Hope you get the required details using our tool and it’s enough for you to block or unblock someone.

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