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Live Tracker is a tracking system that bases on SIM information, Pakdata CF ML, Person tracker,,, SIM database Online, Number Trace Online 2020,, and Check Sim Number through CNIC.

This tracing system provides gives you with a solution to trace mobile number location, name, address, phone number, and city. To get the owner mobile details you simply need to enter his ID card number

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اگر مفت ڈیٹا بیس میں سے ڈیٹا نہیں نکلا تو آپ واٹس ایپ پر رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں ۔ لیکن کام کے چارجز ادا کرنا ہونگے

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Live Tracker - Free Sim Database Online PakData Cf Ml

With the help of PakData Cf Ml Person Tracker you can find and trace PakData Mobile Number Owner Details free. It provide you complete information for any network number. You can easily find the details of any number.

You can get the owner name, address, CNIC number, location, city name and more details.

Live Tracker | PakData Cf Ml

Live Tracker is a SIM tracker system that contains an SIM database online and it tracks Pakdata number details. You can search for any Pakistan mobile number and it will trace the number details online. It is also known as

Note: Its free of cost service and you don’t need to pay anyone and use our tracker free of cost.

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The SIM database tool is free and easy to use web base location finder tool that get the details of phone user. It gives you details on name and address. It display all PakData Sim of all networks againt ID card. The user simply need to enter the mobile of any network user and the tracker will display the data.

Live Tracker

Person Tracker Featured Tools

Finding SIM data & CNIC number details online is possible with Live Tracker. It have great features that you can use to easily find all network details. There are four different features of this track that you can use for different purpose. Whether you need to trace the number detail or need full database, you can use this tool. 

The most featured tools, People’s Choice are listed below. Feel free to use.

Live Tracker | Pak SIM Database Online 2022

In today’s world, almost everyone uses mobile phone. So, the best way to track any person is by using mobile phone tracking. You can also use our updated tracking system that provide verified SIM information on any number. 

Additionally the mobile number tracker provide usefull information and help you to keep track of kids and your office employees. In short, a phone tracker is important for personal, security and official reasons too.

How Does the Live Tracker Work?

Many applications and online tools are available that help you find the location of a person or device. Such tracking apps work with GPS to find the device’s location.

The user needs to enter CNIC or mobile number into the tracker and find the details of the person or device. Moreover, the tracing apps can find the details of incoming and outgoing calls.

Find SIM Owner Information 668 via SMS

To check SIM information System from a particular person, you should know the person’s CNIC number. Once you have the CNIC number, you need to write the person’s CNIC number in the message option and send it to 668.

Follow the steps to check the number of registered SIMs against an ID card.

  1. Open the message option from your mobile phone.
  2. Write CNIC numbers without space or hyphens.
  3. Enter sending number 668.
  4. Hit send button.
  5. Within a few seconds, you will receive a text message with the number of active SIMS against your CNIC and operator names.

Note: Sending SMS charges Rs. 2+ tax will apply. Hence, it would help if you had at least Rs: 3 rupees on your mobile phone.

Check SIM Information via the Official Website

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also developed PMD SIM Information System that helps telecom users to 

Find the total number of SIMs registered against an ID card. This system is free to use and helps you quickly find the number of SIMS with the operator name. The following procedure is given below step-by-step:

  • First al of all, visit PTA SIM portal website.
  • Select the CNIC tab if you are checking Pakistani network SIM. In another case, you can select Foreign ID.
  • Now put the CNIC number without spaces or hyphens.
  • Checkmark “I’m not a robot.
  • Click on the “Submit” button, and you will get the result within a second.
  • The result will be in table form that mentions your CNIC at the top of the table. There will be four columns with the network name, Voice + Data SIMs, Data Only SIMs, and Total SIMs.

Live Tracker SIM Data

With the help of tracking devices and software, you can easily find the SIM data. This data includes the call history number of outgoing and incoming calls. 

Moreover, the tracking software will give you information about the device, such as its IMEI number and its location of the device. Once you install the tracking application on your computer, you can locate the device’s location.

Live Tracker SIM Database Online

Tracking a device is easy with the Mobile Tracker software. With this software, you will be able to track the location of a machine. There are many applications available on the internet that you can install and find the SIM database online.

It can help you locate a lost or stolen phone. Once you have the phone’s IMEI number, you can trace the phone’s location with this tracking software. 

Live Tracker CNIC Number Pakistan

The Live boost developed an eCall tracker android application. This handy app allows you to find the SIM database through CNIC numbers at free cost. Using its popular features, you can quickly know the number ownership and correct number owner name.

You need to install the e-service app on your phone, click the SIM data icon, and put the CNIC number to track the number details in Pakistan. It’s a simple and easy-to-use app.

Live Tracker SIM Data Download

With the help of a person’s live tracker, you can easily download the SIM Data free of cost. We integrated the govt tracking website that allows you to find and search the person’s number details.

The SIM tracker provides:

  • Complete information about the number’s ownership.
  • Give you an exact number and the owner’s name.
  • CNIC number.
  • Complete address.

Moreover, you will get the bio-metric verified data on any CNIC number. So all the details you find through our tracker are verified by the PTA network.

Live Tracker APK

Live tracker for Android APK is an advanced application to download and check anyone’s data online. This application is secure and has data from all Pakistan cellular networks.

You all need to do is download the app on your phone and create an account to use it. Simple login into the application and enter the mobile number of the person you are looking for data on, showing you complete details about the person.

Personal Tracker Live Tracker

One of the significant issues is finding the personal details of someone calling you. But we solve this problem with our tracker tools. It provides you with the person’s live location and gives pieces of information.

This database finder is very secure and fast. All you need to enter is the phone number, which gives you the result from the database. It stores a more significant number of databases and records, which quickly show the results against the query. 

If you didn’t find SIM information for any number, you could try our new build system where we added the latest record. We keep updating the database to add more records.

Stabilitynote com Live Tracker

You have undoubtedly used the stabilitynote com live tracker before, but it’s no longer available. But don’t worry, we implemented the same function on our tracker and added all the SIM databases. So now you can use the same functionality as the stability note at our tracker.

You can track the SIM database online, including PAK data CF and ML, with the help of Stabilitynote, which is now a All the cell phone owner’s data, addresses, and GPS locations are now available on our website. We here offer you 2017 to 2020 SIM online database and updated daily.

Trace Mobile Number Location CNIC

Are you looking for a solution to trace a person’s mobile number? You are on the right website because you will quickly locate the owner’s name, CNIC number, and location here. We offer the service free of cost. You can access any person’s information online. Even you can monitor any mobile phone by using its SIM number.


We developed these tools to help Pakistan people to find all network details. You can find all network database details such as name, address, and location. We integrate old and new database systems, and you can try both to find more accurate information.

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